Cartier enamel watch

Cartier Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier Series: Eagle Decorative watch

Annual Cartier‘s new series, the creation of fine jewelry and enamel is always an important part. After sailing in Asia, after the introduction of giant pandas and other topics, the series followed landed in America, eagle, crocodiles and raccoons have joining this dream team. 18K gold case and dial paved with round diamonds, 18K gold eagle decorated with refined, the same dense set round diamonds, total diamond weight reached 6.03 karats! Eyes of emerald jade, feathers, black and white color only for the enamel paint, but it has the effect of jewelry can not be substituted.

Cartier d’Art Series: Santos 100 watch colorful hornbill decorative enamel

By collectors love Cartier d’Art Series enamel watch, also launched a stunning new works. Born out in this paragraph from the classic square section Santos family, fantasy charm of color and a talent for description, make it a worthy art. The same as the 18K gold case, bezel, case and lugs are paved with round diamonds, total weight reached 1.14 kt, but still restrained, because the dial in this interpretation of the bright enamel and tropical plants that hornbill , is the real protagonist.

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Van Cleef & Arpels the enamel watch

Van Cleef & Arpels Les Jardins Four Seasons series: Jardin Italien de la Renaissance watch

Inspired by 15th century author of a fine print, but lost the test of romantic book, “finding love Poliphili” to the brand in 2006 R & D 365 days Quantième de Saison seasons as the carrier movement through the large fire enamel and mother of pearl, lively interpretation of a section of civilization and the natural beautiful love song. The whole series is divided into 4, this paragraph depicts lush Mediterranean garden, and seasonal flow of beauty is Van Cleef & Arpels best interpretation. K white gold and diamond bezel, the markedly magnificent, limited edition 100.

Van Cleef & Arpels in mind the moon

Van Cleef & Arpels moon in mind, techniques, comprehensive, using two or more enamel art. In addition to commonly used around the fill method, filigree method outside of these relatively simple techniques, under the auspices of the Dominique Baron, Van Cleef & Arpels enamel dial with almost all the known techniques, which are more advanced in the industry through the end of the techniques are enamel, transparent stained glass method, gray-painted and gold paint method.

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Enamel maintenance of common sense

Rose gold case against the backdrop of 5247 Breguet watch white enamel surface becomes chic and clear

“Great fire enamel” firing the black enamel disc Yakedeluo The Eclipse watch

After the enamel is fired at high temperatures the product, so the exception hard. And because in the production process, wrap the metal enamel germ, enamel raw material (a mixture of natural minerals) is also stable, so that after thousands of years, enamel dial color, bright as new, which is a lot of experts like enamel table reason, it is indeed a good thing handed down. Note that, although the hard enamel, but it is brittle and fragile, so usually wear to try to avoid the bump.

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Enamel colors

In China, people will enamel and “cloisonne”, “Tang Dynasty” process is linked, but in fact a great difference between them. Simply put, enamel is a firing process. On its origin, it was said that Islam found in the desert with a special color of the stone, and then used for decoration. In fact, since the 15th century enamel process has existed in Asia, until more than a century later, the enamel was very popular in Europe, experienced the most times before they slowly return from Europe, China, with Chinese people since ancient times, the existing bronze forging technology, the enamel of a — Cloisonne technology to the peak time, and “Cloisonne” spread in the world. Very well-known as the “Schomburgk enamel” on the bottle Cloisonne Cloisonne process is the most iconic works.

Enamel colors from natural mineral colors, and its melting point is different firing methods, firing sequence will be different, and must keep in mind is this: the most difficult to burn black enamel color, price and more expensive. Because the firing of enamel dial, can not be completely pure and smooth (if there is a number of resin or high-tech means of production “false” enamel), while in other colors, these enamel firing process produces a small “blisters” and holes, and only with a magnifying glass to see. But just like in our daily lives, like the black car is easy to dirty, black enamel in a little “small flaws” are obvious, so firing a qualified black enamel face plate, the success rate is very low, and thus determine its “expensive” attributes. But be sure when we will be the operation of any process, any parts produced in accordance with the standards of the top watch started its pricing rules are not only “how to manually create a less than 1 mm of metal parts.” but also because the watch industry itself has consistently adhered to and the pursuit of unparalleled accuracy, granularity.

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Enamel watch full ultimate perfection

If you see an antique table, the face plate hundreds of years, still retains its original luster and color, bright as new, then it is highly likely with a disc — enamel enamel surface, an ancient and mysterious process, a good enamel table can even reach tens of millions on the auction market-level price.

If you look through the enamel on the watch market, probably will see two styles: white, black enamel surface plate or other solid color painting as a symbol to describe a variety of decorative enamel paintings. There are four skill — enamel filigree enamel, enamel filled, translucent enamel, micro-painted enamel.

Patek Philippe, with 18k gold case, automatic movement of the enamel dial painted “dragon” watch

Vacheron Constantin exotic bird enamel overlay

Cloisonne is the life of the most common enamel art, but watch the disk of the Cloisonne technique and various other, it refers to the embryo on the dial, with fine gold lines sketched out in advance a preset pattern, and then back to the patterns into different areas for different colors of enamel firing. To give an example of the image point, “filigree process” is the horizontal plane on the dial, “base” is not a room out of the roof of the house, during which the enamel and then fill in the gap.

The “filled process” is the horizontal plane on the dial, dig down a house, during which the enamel and then fill in the gap; filled with enamel flowers most suitable for rendering such as leaves, birds, wings, etc., clear texture, level distinct patterns. And through large blocks of enamel colors to enhance contrast, caught the eye linger on the dial; comparison, translucent enamel over the previous two will bring more transparent visual experience, this process began in the 14th century as a further interpretation of filigree enamel, translucent enamel is drawn on the floor in translucent enamel technology; four kinds of enamel, the difficulty is most critical micro-painted enamel, enamel it needs to master the original staff (usually the world famous painting) after a fixed scaled down, as another example of Chinese fine brushwork painting enamel paint that point, which can ultimately be both vivid and charm of the micro-painted enamel work.

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Hermes Cape Cod Tonneau watch

“Malta Blue” is a very unique color, full of lively atmosphere of the sun, but with the deep charm, color and design inspired by waves and natural beauty of Cape Cod watch each other well.

Malta Blue Cape Cod Tonneau watch, stainless steel case, the table diameter 26.5 x 28.5 mm, hour, minute display, quartz movement, sapphire crystal, silver white face plate with the bottom edge of the blue numbers, “Malta Blue” small leather strap.

The barrel-shaped design of the watch with a slight arc round lines of the case, like the anchor chain of the chain, and accompanied by “Malta Blue” calfskin strap, fastened at the wrist. Are caused by subtle lines and stainless steel material with excellent form, inlaid with silver Arabic numerals at the end of the blue side of the white surface, highlighting the colorful elegant watch. Jewelry watch another table style: 52 case on the mosaic to G and F color grades (especially white and ultra-special white), and meet a very level top Wesselton VVS clarity brilliant cut diamonds, showing a very pure bright cause.

Cape Cod Tonneau Malta Blue Diamond table, stainless steel case, embedded in 52 brilliant-cut the United States, total weight of 1.3 karats, the table diameter 26.5 x 28.5 mm, hour, minute display, quartz movement, sapphire crystal, white face plate the end of the blue with a silver edge digital, “Malta blue” calfskin strap.

Regardless of the circle with a single-or double-step circle saddle stitched leather strap, Cape Cod Tonneau Malta Blue watch were the case by simple lines and exceptional color combination, projecting a world of marine origin elegant atmosphere, beautiful scenery brought back to the wearer’s fascinating.

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Tissot grand sports extreme diamond watch

Life is a song, has a beautiful melody. Life, sunshine, vibrant women to invest in the light around the concept of live music every infected individual; and their life and career are a result of this dynamic and extremely exciting. Tissot new Grand Diamond Extreme sports section to tell a healthy active lifestyle of modern women, and in the gestures, the elegant woman with a bright light accompanied by the spread. Grand Diamond Extreme Sports Series models adhering to the female form of self-confidence motion in the Smart family atmosphere, still uses the smooth elegant lines, and circles at the table as to the perfection of female tailor-inlaid top Wesselton diamonds, highlighting the personality distinguished. Whether it is fitness, leisure, holiday or formal occasions, this watch will be the elite women’s intimate choice.

Grand Diamond Tissot Sports Series Extreme Sports Series watch Grand uphold the essence of the case and strap with full sense of the intensity of steel, the natural curvature between the two smooth, no sharp edges and corners, will not exercise collision damage wrist. The middle part of the strap handle with matte and polished on both sides of the components in sharp contrast, frosted parts with a sense of power, suitable for sports occasions; and polishing unit is the best feminine interpretation, creating a perfect combination of two processes Tissot another classic female form. Campaign highlights the tough style of women actively capable of independent style, is to promote individual choice. Women using the most gentle temperament dial mother of pearl, so that a watch is unique, with the changes around changes in a different light luster. Gentle dial, is bezel set with 48 Top Wesselton diamonds surround, silver steel and tough each other. A variety of design conflict between the slender wrist revealed the dual qualities of modern women: dynamic capable of self expression and gentle soft bright luxury. Tissot embodies the exquisite craft designer ingenuity – successfully design suitable for different occasions and multi-faceted character of a mature woman.

Grand Sport Series double the number of the whole position with retro delicate Arabic numerals, and the remaining clear of the word is used, the calendar window in the dial at 3 o’clock, classic and elegant. Accurate three-pointer of the simple design, elegant and slim second hand swept Guanghua deep mother of pearl dial, so that modern women as accurate every second, to gain control over time.

Grand Diamond Extreme sports watch the launch of the dynamic models of shape and Tissot a unique luxury watchmaking perfect combination, are woven in a gentle force in the vitality of the projected luxury, admired by women just as the trend of contemporary attitude, elegant in without losing the vibrant spirit of independence. Watch the motion characteristics of the given wearer Lohas attitude towards life. Therefore, this new design of the watch will become a female casual social choice not to be missed.

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Tissot new color watches

Color, giving women not only endless charm, it is the perfect interpretation of the female character and personality. Whether it is beautiful flowers or bright colors, are given the high spirits of the season. Swiss brand Tissot, the new interpretation of summer color glossy new perspective. The new series of days of thinking, Ms. Tissot watch, seven different color sections mapped out the fashion women’s unique multi-faceted glory. Rectangular case with a variety of colors and materials, or the classic self-confidence, or warm, or high-Athens expensive, or lively and beautiful. Smooth lines, polished stainless steel material, elegant crocodile pattern leather, classic square dial, glossy and colorful summer colors, only to meet the precision of modern urban women punctuality, but also reflects the personality style and the pursuit of fashion. From simple and elegant to the gentle charm, Tissot days of thinking styles and varied series, compact design. Whenever and wherever, there is always a right for you.

The new series of ladies watches Tissot days of thinking, ingenious, intricate design, which selected five elegant patent leather crocodile pattern strap chic, together with pine green, emerald green, red, black and pearl white; while the remaining two with textured elegant, simple and smart stainless steel strap, the watch resembles a very modern bracelet. Whether black or silver dial, color and elegance are the series of final demand. Pointer and scale on the dial to the surrounding radiation spread from the center to create a three-dimensional feel. Including butterfly buckle included, all the days of thinking watches metal parts are polished, the dial is the use of arched sapphire crystal glass. Through this Xiatian Si series, Tissot hope every modern urban women are able to show a confident, optimistic and lively distinct personality.

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Tissot ceramic arts series watch

Played on the piano keyboard notes of a wonderful black and white keys, elegant and modern interpretation of an irreplaceable classic fashion taste is elegant interpretation of urban women choice. Tissot watches launched a new ceramic art, which combines two kinds of very interesting material ─ ─ ceramic and stainless steel. This combination not only surprising, it is popular with the fashion fashion a perfect match, also played the classic elegance of modern urban music.

Tissot watch porcelain ceramic arts series has many styles, in addition to a fashionable square dial and a classic round selection, the more common styles and diamond dial eight models. Eight diamond watch dial scale with diamond embellishment on top Wesselton among black and white dial, such as the Star-like flashes; or simple scale dial, as always, the atmosphere and elegance. Coupled with superb high-quality ceramic Swiss watchmaking, watch fascinating interpretation of the design while also ensuring the watch of excellent quality. Not only has the characteristics of ceramic art, stylish, modern neat good match, also has a non-allergic, easy to heat, light and other characteristics, full considerate women. It’s fortitude and strong soft and gentle as women, as women make ceramic art watch the perfect material choice.

Timeless classic pure black and white, simple and elegant interpretation in the design flow line between; ceramic bracelet-style strap stream line design, it is like the piano keyboard. Bezel is also a superior product with wear-resistant ceramic material, more elegant and agile. The classic black dial like the black piano keys, pure white dial white as piano keys, gorgeous low-key elegant atmosphere with modern modern blend, is an indispensable wonderful loved your selection. The new series of eight drill porcelain art Tissot watch, played between the classic style while the wrist.

For Tissot, the “time, as you control” is not just advertisements. It passed the Tissot brand DNA? Tissot is committed to cutting-edge technology and stylish design perfect fusion of production in the watch, hope to bring more value to customers and moving. Since 1853, Tissot has been based on tradition, innovation, today has grown to global sales of traditional Swiss watchmaking brands. In the past 158 ​​years, Tissot from a force based in the Swiss Jura mountain town of Locke watch factory, developed into a sales network in over 160 countries worldwide brand. Tissot’s leading position thanks to its unparalleled ability to innovate, its high-tech products, special materials and advanced research and development capabilities to spare no effort. Tissot introduced more and more varieties of high quality watches, but the price than any other Swiss watch brand more attractive, it also reflects its “civilian luxury” commitment. Tissot is the world’s largest watch manufacturer and retailer – a member of the Swatch Group, is also president of the World Championship MotoGP, the International Basketball Federation FIBA, the Australian Football League AFL, CBA and the Chinese Basketball League World Cycling, Fencing and ice hockey tournament official time. In its marketing and product design, Tissot also consistently written with its brand concept: “Innovation comes from tradition.”

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Swatch pure yet series

Watch is no longer just an expensive luxury and simple timing tool

Instead, a “worn on the wrist of fashion”

Exquisite watch from Swiss watchmaking tradition, will present the most popular T station with elements of color and costumes add to the spirit of the design of the watch.

Global sales of all imported Swiss watches fashion jewelry brand Swatch, adjourned to the wrist, the history of fashion legend. The new Swatch watches is still pure, clever to light, texture and beautiful features, and spirit to watch Tim’s designs, colors follow the international “T Taiwan,” the trend of fashion trends. Full fashion watch, while the wearer even more extraordinary quality of life pursuit.

Both punk couple of tables, to create infinite charm of classic punk. Silver skull embedded in classic black and white color profile into the dial, mystery and classic atmosphere, lingering ghost. Swatch color matching with the jewelry line is still pure, quality steel punk skull shape pendant, hanging on ropes of silk rope chain or black plastic on top. Meanwhile the trend of individuality and control, for any fashion occasion.

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